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Where Do 'The Great Food Truck Race' Competitors Sleep on the Road? - Distractify

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Hosted by Tyler Florence , The Great Food Truck Race , features groups of chefs every season adapting to different challenges while selling as much food as they can for a chance to win $50,000. The titular "race" is so named because the show goes cross-country. Contestants make their way from California to Manhattan, stopping in cities along the way. With this epic cross-country trip in mind, Food Network fans want to know where the competitors sleep on the road.

For those who do not already possess food trucks, the show provides them to competitors to put everyone on a level playing field. What has gone unanswered, however, is where the competitors sleep. The show is already challenging enough without the added hurdle of figuring out sleep accommodations when not filming, so there's a good chance all competitors have Food Network-provided hotel lodgings — or they sleep in their trucks!

The show's setup has varied from season to season, but now it appears to have settled into a rhythm. In Season 1 and Season 2, the competitors on The Great Food Truck Race were already professional food truck operators — but Season 3 onward has included novice chefs looking to start their food trucks with the money afforded by winning the competition.

The next season will be taking a new twist on the show.

Season 13 of The Great Food Truck Race, set to air Mar. 7, 2021, will be set exclusively in Alaska. Instead of going cross country as the show typically does, the race will focus on competitors battling each other for customers in the Alaskan bush and battling the freezing elements, which have already been teased to reach negative 10 degrees. Brr!

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According to the Food Network, this Alaska season premiere starts with high stakes, "They have to break the keys to their food trucks out of 200-pound blocks of ice, and that’s only the beginning of their adventure. They won’t just be battling each other — they will be battling the elements as they compete to see who can prep and sell the most food and who will say goodbye to their food truck dreams forever."

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As most people know, elements can be quite a factor in whether or not consumers go out to eat, and Alaska's temperatures are no joke. It sounds like especially for a season filmed during the coronavirus pandemic, producers and host Tyler Florence are dedicated to keeping the show interesting. One Reddit user even revealed an upcoming All-Stars season of The Great Food Truck Race, so there's plenty more culinary delights in store!

Source: The Food Network

Published On: Mon, 08 Mar 2021 00:35:50 GMT

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