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Rising Star Paloma Mami Only Needs to Be Herself With Bilingual Debut Album ‘Suenos de Dali’ - Billboard

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For example, in a world where collaborations are a given in order to gain traction and streams, Sueños de Dali contains no other featured artists. But the songs are wildly collaborative, with writing from Paloma Mami herself along with the likes of Tyla Parx, DJ Genius, Rosalía, El Guincho,Tainy and Edgar Barrera. They range from sparse melodic reggaetón (with the underlying retro sound of a Fender Rhodes) in the R&B-tinged “For Ya,” to the decidedly experimental, electro-funky “I Love Her.” In many of the tracks, Paloma Mami sings interchangeably in both languages, but, unlike most artists who attempt to do this, it flows off her tongue with ease. This is her. These are her songs.

“My plan was recording only solo, since my first single,” says Paloma Mami, speaking on the phone from Miami. “I have to prove myself to myself only. I can have my music speak for myself and let my talent talk. When I first started out in the music industry, people would target female artists specifically to say, 'This person got famous because of this song with a male artist. So from the beginning I said, I don’t want people to juzgarme, juzgar mi música por ese momento o esa canción [to judge me or my music for a single moment or for a song] or how I look. I want the talent to speak for me.'”

Paloma Mami is bilingual, like her songs. Born and raised in New York City by Chilean parents, she moved back to Santiago when she was 17, and the duality of cultures moves fluidly both in her songs and her very being.

Published On: Wed, 17 Mar 2021 21:11:20 GMT

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