Relevant Information at the Right Place, at the Right Time.

Announce enables you to make and get announcements in areas around you.

Get Announcements from your Surroundings

As you move the map, announcements in the area are made visible to you. The more you zoom in, the more location specific announcements show up.

Make Announcements about Anything

From Safety to Events, from Local News to Promotions, you can announce anything.
To make announcements, confirm location, add details and hit Submit. All announcements go live instantly.

Follow Locations. Get Notifications.

You can follow your home, office, or any place of interest. If an announcement is made to location you follow, you will be notified instantly. You can also follow your live location and get new announcement notifications wherever you go.

Announce AI

Announce also powers data from Announce-AI, custom made to provide you with relevant information in areas that matter to you.

Try Announce Now. It's Free!

Announce is available on Web, Android and iOS, and improving everyday.