1. 1. What is Announce?

Announce is a platform that allows you to make public, or private announcements in a user specified geographic area. Anyone in the specified area would be able to view the announcements, or be notified of the announcement if they follow that area.

To learn more, please refer to the About Announce page here.


  1. 2. How can I create, or view an announcement?

To create an announcement, go to https://announce.today/home/create on Web, or Create tab on mobile apps. Click on Create Announcement, enter the title then click next, draw an area in the map where the announcement should be visible, enter details of the announcement and then click submit.

To View announcements, just visit announce.today and pan the map to the area of your interest. The announcements, if any in that area, would show up below the map. You can also filter the announcements based on your interest to see the announcements in those categories. 

  1. 3. Who are the announcements created by?

The announcements can be created by any user (including governments, people or organisations), or by Announce-AI.

Announce-AI is our platform's intelligence that aims bring relevant information and announcements directly to you, in real time. This includes public safety such as natural disaster warnings, for ex. earthquakes; entertainment and education events near you and so on. We are constantly adding more capabilities to Announce-AI, and it will get smarter with time.


  1. 4. Why is Announce needed?

The world is more dynamic and connected than ever. There are number of social media applications that connect us to our friends, but there’s a big gap in connecting people in a specific area. Some statistics state that more than 30% of Americans have never met their neighbours, even though a lot information is useful for people in the same area than in people miles apart.

We built Announce so people can share relevant information with those who need it without having to share more than necessary personal information. It is our attempt to make the world more connected, efficient and safer space.

Say no to pamphlets, yes to Announce!

  1. 5. What is the “Follow an Area” feature?

Announce allows you to follow an area, such as Home, Office, or some point of interest for you. Everytime an announcement is made in that area, you will be notified via Email (and soon browser notifications too!).


  1. 6. How can I delete an announcement?

You can delete the announcements created by you only. Just visit https://announce.today/myannouncements and click on the three dot menu for the announcement  you’re trying to delete. Now click on ‘Delete Announcement’.

Deletions are permanent, and are very quick. We do not store or retain user deleted information with us.

  1. 7. I found an offensive Announcement. How can I report it?

Click on the three dots menu of the announcement you’re trying to report. Next click on the “Report Announcement” option. The announcement will now be hidden from you. If more than one user reports it, we hide the Announcement and send it for review.


  1. 8. Is there a profanity filter in Announce?

Yes, we use machine learning algorithms to detect text profanity and NSFW (not safe for family) images, and disallow it from the get go. If you still find something offensive, please don't forget to report it! 

  1. 9. What is the difference between Public and Private announcements?

Public announcements are visible to everyone by panning the map by Default. Private announcements can only be accessed with the URL of the Announcement.

You’d create Private announcements in cases where you’re hosting a private event, and it should be available to only those people you sent the invite to. Notifications of Private announcements in an area will not be sent out to users who follow that area.

  1. 10. Can I make the same announcement in more than one area?

You can, however, Announce doesn’t allow users to do that in one step. You will have to create multiple announcements.


  1. 11. Can Kids below 16 years of age use this app?

Announce is not for kids below 16 years of age, and our terms of services clearly state this policy. We encourage parents to help enforce this, and keep their children safe online.


  1. 12. How can I be notified of a new announcement?

You must sign in to announce and follow a location of your interest. You can choose email or app notifications for the followed locations based on your settings.

  1. 13. This app is great, but I have some feedback for improvement. How can I share feedback?

Go to my profile then click on Feedback, add as many details as possible with your Feedback and then click submit feedback. User experience is at foremost of our priorities, and we will prioritize most important user feedback in product development.


  1. 14. What are the applications of Announce?

Announce is a platform, and while we can think of many applications, there is no specific limitation to how users can use Announce. Some of the basic application we are prioritizing currently include:

  • Public Safety announcements in specific areas. We welcome all government, as well as non-government organizations to work with us in using this platform to spread relevant and useful information to users who need it.
  • Enabling users to make Event announcements to the public, especially when they are at the event, for example college fests, markets, malls etc.
  • College students, gatherings, group meets, and anything of interest for users in the campus, including but not limited to sharing leftover Pizza!
  • Apartment owners and managers, and sending time sensitive information for example reaching out before towing a car, or informing about maintenance / water supply etc.
  • Public announcements, for example road closures etc.
  • Lost & Found announcements
  • The list goes on...

  1. 15. Announce is very buggy, slow and takes forever to load. What should I do?

Announce, like any other software product, is a work in progress. Please be patient with us, as we add more capabilities, and make the product world class. The more you use Announce, the more motivated we are to work harder to make it better faster :).
Also, please don't forget to send Feedback everytime you see a bug.


  1. 16. Are there Android / iOS Apps for this product?

Yes! Please search for "Announce Today" on Appstore / Play store, or simply visit our web app in Desktop, the links are there.


Have more questions? Please reach out to us at contact@announce.today .